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  • Austin Educational Article of the Month - What to do about a raccoon on the roof

What to do about a raccoon on the roof

What to do about a raccoon on the roof

It is not easy for some people to know they have Austin raccoons on the roof, unless they start smelling the feces, or hear wired noises especially at night. When they go to the roof, they shall find a good way to the ceiling and this is a good place, which leads them to have a good breeding place.
Common reasons for choosing the attic include:
• It is a safe place
• Dark and ideal for their survival
• Easy to have babies in such an ideal setting
• Hard for anyone to know they live there
Some Texas raccoons want to play on the roof, and this leads to massive noise and disturbance especially at night. You need to find a way, which leads to the elimination of Austin raccoons from your roof and ceiling.

Cut trees or branches leading to the rooftop
Raccoons are good climbers and they know the right way to get to the roof entails climbing trees. This is a good chance for you to cut any branches leading to the roof. This shall make it harder for the raccoons to get to the rooftop easily. Do this, as a regular routine and this shall minimize the cases of raccoons in your Austin home.

Set traps to catch raccoons
At times, you will find there are many raccoons in your Texas home, and it becomes very hard for you to eliminate them. You should not worry since you now have the chance of setting the traps. This shall lead to the capture and death of raccoons. You need to make sure you set traps in the right manner.

Call a professional who has removal materials
At times, the Austin raccoons cause havoc and excess noise especially at night. You need not to worry since you have the chance of relying on a professional Texas provider. This means the provider shall come with necessary tools, and follow the right channels of removing, and setting cage traps for the raccoons and lead them to the forest after trapping. This is a safe and secure way of handling the process.

Seal all holes leading to the roof
In many cases, you will find the Austin raccoons are hiding in the roof, since there are holes leading to the roof. Many people do not do any maintenance to the roof, and this shall leave some empty spaces. In some occasions, if you use weak materials for the roof, the raccoons shall destroy it, and will create a good place for their relaxation.

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