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  • Austin Educational Article of the Month - What kinds of damage do mice cause in homes?

What kinds of damage do mice cause in homes?

What kinds of damage do mice cause in homes?

Mice can be notoriously annoying pests that can enter Austin homes and residential buildings if we are not constantly on the look out.

Reasons why mice end up in people's Texas property and homes
There are three most common reasons why mice end up entering homes are:
• They are looking for a viable food source
• They are looking for a viable water source
• They are looking for a place to make shelter
Depending on the specific situation, it could be one or all of these reasons combined.

Common areas where damage can be found
When looking for areas where mice can end up damaging, you must look in:
• Exterior holes and gaps such as nearby the air conditioning or near electrical wires.
• Mice are also notoriously good climbers and therefore you may need to look at any nearby trees with overhanging branches that can lead to your roof and eventually into your house.
Once they do enter your Austin household, it becomes even harder to find them.
Here are some areas commonly frequented by mice and they can cause damage to:
• Furniture
• Walls
• Floors
• Closets
• Refridgerators
• Drawers

Common items which can be damaged by mice
Mice are often attracted to soft materials that they can use for making their nests and shelters.
These may include but are not limited to:
• Clothes
• Insulated materials
• Bedding
• Books
• Stuffed toys and dolls

They will also chew on:
• Electrical wires
• PVC piping
This is because they constantly need to sharpen their teeth.

In the attic
In attics, electrical wires are most often found. Not only that, the attic is basically the perfect place to make a shelter or nest with it being warm, cozy, and dark. You will know when a Texas mouse is around when you find mouse urine and feces in the area. In no circumstances should you ever touch these as they are sources of disease which humans can contract. If your attic is filled with any of the items mentioned, it is a hotspot for mice! All those old clothes that are still up there and old books? You are pratically welcoming those mice into your home! The best thing to do will be to regularly clean out your attic so that they are not as appealing to mice in the future. Prevention is key when faced with a mouse problem. Other solutions can temporarily get rid of your Austin mouse problem but it is not a long time solution and can be very expensive if it keeps happening all the time.

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