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  • Austin Educational Article of the Month - What do Wildlife Rehabilitators do with Armadillos?

What do Wildlife Rehabilitators do with Texas Armadillos?

The objective of an Austin wildlife rehabilitation programme is to give professional care to wild animals that were left abandoned, orphaned and in some cases may be injured. After they have performed the standard procedures to these Texas animals, they will put them back into the wilds to survive.

Just how important a Texas wildlife rehabilitator is to your area?
Wildlife rehabilitators do the same with armadillos. Armadillos are often found in Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Tennessee and also around Texas. It is quite common to find armadillos anywhere in Central and South America that’s why other road-related accidents also involve this type of animal.

What is it exactly they do with the armadillos?
It would be worth to know that these Austin wildlife professionals never attempt to get these animals as their own pets. If they happen to rescue a bunch of baby armadillos in their nursing stage for instance, they instil proper caring to these young and fragile animals until they are strong enough to fend for themselves in their own environment. In case there are sick or injured armadillos, they also collaborate with veterinary experts to evaluate different symptoms to treat illnesses and administer proper treatment to all types of injuries.

Here are some of the qualities that Austin Wildlife Rehabilitators must possess:
• Sufficient background and experience in First Aid Treatment
• Adequate skills in physical therapy for injured Texas armadillos
• Comprehensive knowledge in caging, behaviour, nutritional needs and history of different wild species

Maintaining the Texas wildlife and ecosystem
After much consideration, these authorities know when is the best time to release the rescued armadillos back into the wildlife. They work hard to ensure that the animals are already in their best shape and the babies have grown big enough to survive without any human intervention. Ideally, it is much easier to bring back the adult armadillos into their natural dwelling, as they are already accustomed to the ways of survival. On the other hand, the abandoned and orphaned Austin armadillos need extra time and caring before setting them to their own freedom.

What other services do they offer?
If your lawn is often plagued with Texas armadillos, these wildlife rehabilitators are also the best persons to call. They know the best ways to catch armadillos and what to do with them without harming these animals. Other than that, they can also recommend the best equipment to use for traps and even the baits that would work along with it.

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